September 6, 2020

What Does Your State’s Department of Education Say About Homeschooling and Other Off-Campus Learning?

Children’s Concierge staff have researched the programs and policies in each of the 50 states that support, see the value of, and give appropriate credit to students who are learning by exploring the world --- outside their classrooms. We have been pleasantly surprised with what we’ve found! Many states have some very supportive policies and even more states believe in person-centered-learning, independent study and experiential learning. In addition, every state recognizes homeschooling and almost every state has formal relationships setup with homeschooling families. All good news! You can use these policies and valued ways to learn to make a case for your way of going about learning, if you need to.

Here’s a link to these 50 state programs and policies as they are listed on our website.

Have a look and think creatively about what you find for your state. We think there is a lot of information here that can be used to create a robust learning program for your child/children during the current COVID crisis --- one that is more energetic than simply completing the school day online! 

And, of course, this information will also be very useful when the pandemic is over and you can, once again, explore the world with us! We look forward to it!

Please Stay Safe!