Bring on curiosity!



FOR the whole FAMILy

We help children and their parents explore destinations around the world for the purpose of embellishing their learning/education.

We are passionate about empowering children (and their parents) to wonder, imagine and discover! We’re all about curating and supporting person-centered experience and discovery. You could really say we help families create their own, personal world school!

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.”

 — Confucius

We believe in connecting learning with real life experiences in real places all over the world, our way of learning in context.

We see connections everywhere, around the globe! And we love to help families turn things upside-down, inside and out to discover these connections. We have no set tours and no prescribed itineraries you must accept. We have no set curriculum and no special standards your exploring must address. We create all experiences to fit a family’ personal learning goals and passions and to match their ongoing travels.

Civic Education for Kids

We the People Constitution Tour & Field Study is now online and nation-wide with NBC News Learn. This 5-part video series helps teach kids about the U.S. Constitution and why civic engagement is important.