Our Mission

The mission of Children’s Concierge is to curate opportunities for learning all over the world. We are about embellishing a child's learning—a family's learning—through authentic, world experiences.

We want to liberate learning from the brick and mortar classroom. No, we’re not suggesting putting an end to school buildings; we’re just suggesting adding other, more expanded options to the mix.

We want families to hear and see and do; to ask questions, to turn things upside down and to make new connections; to try out old ideas in new settings and to bring new ideas back to old setting.

Our Vision

We envision a world where it’s expected that learning happens everywhere/anywhere and all the time. 

In our vision:

  • Kids are excited and curious about the world around them. 
  • Learning is person-centered, based on the interests and needs of each learner. 
  • People around the world respect, learn from and help each other.
  • Kids teach their parents/grandparents to be lifelong learners. 

Our creative team

The staff at Children’s Concierge are educators — teachers, museum educators, school psychologists, licensed guides — who are passionate about helping children and their parents explore the world and learn together. 

We believe in:

  • the power of curiosity to direct learning 
  • the importance of connecting to the real world to create global citizens
  • the importance of family experiences to strengthen the whole child
  • celebrating differences
  • the power of knowing there is more than one way to get something done 
  • trusting you can make things happen 
  • feeling and showing respect, kindness and compassion toward self and others
  • the importance of taking tender loving care of our world
  • life-long learning!

Phrases like —

"Life is not linear. Learning is not linear. Intelligence is not singular. Education should not be fast food."

— make really good sense to us!


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