Children's Concierge

Explore the World

Every destination around the world offers something unique and special for families to explore. Come take a peak at a few destinations our Children’s Concierge families have explored and discover some of the interesting ways they have explored these destinations.

Here are some examples of exploring that our Children’s Concierge families have had as part of their personal World School.

Catalogue of Our Families' Adventures of Wild Imagination


Every family with which we work has their own interests and goals that are unique just to them. They share this information with Children’s Concierge and entrust us with the task of curating magical, captivating experiences to address their interests and fulfill their goals. Exactly how we go about making this happen is therefore different for each family and is private and owned by that family. To respect our families’ confidentiality, we do not share the specifics of how we work with individual families.

But we are delighted to share a general summary of how our personal World Schools come to life. If you would find this general summary useful, definitely keep reading!

And we are available and happy to discuss with potential client families how we might work specifically with them.