March 1, 2020

Using the Scientific Method to Explore and Observe in Thailand

Thailand is an incredibly wonderful place to check out the answers to some of your questions about the world of plants and animals. Come for a visit, take on the role of a budding scientist and try your hand at using the scientific method:

  1. Make Beginning Observations
  2. Do Some Research
  3. Form a Hypothesis
  4. Test Your Hypothesis
  5. Draw Conclusions
  6. Explain your findings to others

How about using the scientific method to study bats or elephants or dolphins or gibbons or maybe mangrove trees in Thailand? Our families that try their hand at using the scientific method are always surprised at the results!!

Think about it—If you were to collect data and do a study about elephants you could learn about elephant communication and elephant friendships. You might get a look at the care of sick elephants and learn about the diseases they commonly catch. You could certainly get a better understanding of the relationship between elephants and humans and about problems facing elephants in Thailand today. Along the way you might even have the opportunity to help elephant keepers bathe and feed the elephants. You do realize that elephants bathe in rivers, don’t you? 

We want photos!