February 29, 2020

Studying Water in the Desert

Have you ever thought about water around the world? It's really quite fascinating and interesting—and necessary! Have you ever considered the many different ways humans are dependent on water? Have you ever thought about life on planet earth without water? Hmmm!

What would you say to beginning a study about water in Egypt? You would probably say something like— OOOh! Boring! But you would be oh, so wrong! Think about it—

  1. How many major cities around the world are built on rivers?
  2. How does not having accessible water affect a family’s lifestyle?
  3. Do children play different games when they live near the water?
  4. Is there such a thing as too much water? How about too little water?
  5. How does a family’s food change when they live along a river as compared to living in a desert?
  6. What happens when a river begins to dry up? Where do the people and the animals go? What happens to the plant life?
  7. Is it possible to farm and grow crops without any water. Any water at all?

Get the picture?

Egypt has the Nile River—and the Sahara Desert—and nearby oceans/seas. This makes it a really perfect place for families to explore and actually experience, first-hand, the answers to some of these questions.

Bring a bucket, come along and find out for yourself!