February 12, 2020

A Scavenger Hunt at the Vatican

One of our favorite teacher guides in Rome is also an art historian. He’s very clever and has created a really wild scavenger hunt of the Vatican Museum for us. It has all sorts of different challenges on it—rhymes, hidden objects to find, riddles to solve, drawings to complete—all perfect for a different kind of family adventure. And our families love it!

Here are some tools for exploring a part of this museum. They don't make much sense unless you are actually in the museum, but we thought they might start your creative juices flowing.


Look front, look back, look all around

Find a man, not in yellow, green or blue

But one all dressed in shades of brown!


Walk to the end of the hall, turn half way around, look to your immediate left, and tell us the first thing you see that is at your eye-level. Think about what you are observing. Study it very carefully. Now tell us how you think it was created—

           By chiseling away at a solid block of stone?

           By pulling, pushing and shaping a block of wet clay?

           By adding more stone to a small block of stone?


Quick! Count all the naked statues/sculpture in this room.

Now design/describe how you would dress each of them!

See! We told you the Vatican Museum could be VERY interesting and different!