March 16, 2020

Learning At Home? Not A Problem! Your House To the Rescue!

Children’s Concierge staff and I sincerely hope you are tucked safely into your house with your kids and avoiding un-necessary outside contacts during this time of coronavirus stress!! Thank you for being a big part of the effort to contain this pandemic!

Virtual hugs all around!

Please, please mind the CDC’s advice and continue to be safe!

If schools are closed where you are (and we’re betting they are) and it’s now your job to convince your kids to complete worksheets in all sorts of subjects and tackle on-line lessons that keep them focused on the computer for hours and then read a list of books selected by one of more of their teachers, our hats go off to you!! This is not any easy job! Deep breathing WILL be needed!

Soooo, we’re here to suggest something that’s right under your nose that, with a little bit of imagination and some genuine curiosity, could help make your new job as a teacher a little easier and a bit more fun for everyone. We suggest that your house (yes, the actual house itself!) can be of some assistance to you. It can help you take your child’s learning out of the school (Ok, so school is officially closed, but regardless ---) and into the real world.

Here’s what we have in mind --- 

Your house is a happening place with lots of energy! Think about it. So much happens in your house everyday. And all of this activity that goes on in your house requires “things” to make it happen. Why not explore each room of your house to see what “things” are in that room that make that room what it is; that make that room come live?  We’re pretty sure you’ll make some surprising discoveries! 

But wait! There is more! Now take the “things” that you’ve notice in each room and find out how they work. Or how they were made. Or why someone chose them for this room in your house. Or, maybe even if or how they could be changed, if someone wanted to change them. (Hmmm! Hope this last one doesn’t cause you problems!)


  • Well, how does our piano actually work? Can we take a look at it and see?
  • Why did we ever paint this room navy blue? Whose idea was it?
  • You mean this chair is over 100 years old? Who made it? How did we get it? Did anyone famous sit in it?
  • Can we rearrange this room so we can get more sunlight? How about  adding a skylight?
  • Would my bed fit over there under the window? 
  • Where did these carpets come from? What do you mean they were    woven on a loom by a group of women using a cartoon? What women, where? And a cartoon?
  • How does Alexa really work?
  • How do you make plates? Who in the world figured out how to make them!?!  That’s so weird! Can I make one?
  • How does all this window glass stay in place? Is it glued? 
  • I want to paint a mural on my closet wall! Please!
  • Well, I really don’t understand electricity. How does this lamp work?
  • Our house is a mess!  Let’s clean up everything!  (Ok, wishful thinking!)

See! Each room in your home absolutely has “things” to explore!  And it has much to teach you! Our example questions present opportunities for lessons in math, history, architecture, science, art and how to research what you didn’t know but now want to know.  

So after the worksheets and the on-line learning are completed or have become way too boring, give your house a chance to be your assistant teacher and spark things up a bit. Go for it! Explore your house! Then do some research about the “things” you find there that intrigue you and your kids the most. 

After you’ve explored your house, try your yard. And what about moving on and exploring your neighborhood as well  (when it’s safe to do this again!!). And then consider exploring the world!! You won’t be disappointed here either! 

Your kids are far more interested in the world than you think!! We promise! Enjoy!

Again, please keep yourselves safe!