December 4, 2020

Do Not Allow Your Kids to Do These Ten Things While Traveling Together as a Family! 😉

There is so much to remember to do when traveling as a family. Wow! Yes indeed! And we know incorporating everything friends, colleagues and experts tell you that you must do to have a perfect trip can quickly become totally overwhelming!! So sorry about this!

So, to give you a break from the must do instructions, we decided to make a short list for you of things that you should absolutely not do as you travel with your kids. 😉😉We hope you find our list refreshing and useful!!

When you are traveling as a family, absolutely do not allow your kids to --- 

  • Take a photograph of you while you are sleeping soundly! And definitely do not allow them to add a dialogue cloud of their own making to this sneaked snapshot!
  • Try the most popular dessert to be had at each of your trip destinations. Or to take a cooking class to learn how to make this dessert. This could potentially begin a string of messy kitchen adventures when you return home. Yikes! 
  • Re-title the art on display in the local museum to relate to your family --- i.e. “Dad On A Horse” or “Grandmom Eats Her Way Through Paris.” 
  • Purchase the most popular local toothpaste/toothpowder in each city you visit and try them all.  This might put your dentist out of business!
  • Create a commercial for the toothpaste/toothpowder they liked the best out of all the different ones they tried on the entire trip. Too much time brushing one’s teeth leads to --- well to something undesirable, I’m sure.
  • Copy On Kawara’s I Got Up Series and write a postcard each day revealing the exact time they get up, their location and one thing planed for the day. After writing, send the postcard off to two friends or family members each day for safe keeping. Oh, heaven forbid! These postcards could become a diary of the journey and friends and family would have an inside look at what you actually experienced. Way too much information out there! 
  • Act silly in front of a sculpture that no one in the family understands! Quick! Snap a photo! Remember to, of course, discourage any interest in the sculpture itself. More research would be time consuming. 
  • Ask a local for directions! How embarrassing! Better get a map! Oh, you already have a map? Oh, dear! Best you study up for tomorrow’s excursions. 
  • Speaking of maps --- do not let your kids, or even suggest that they create their own map of any of the cities/towns/ villages where the family stays during the journey. This would be totally disloyal to GPS!

And last but not least, please do not allow your kids to --- 

  • Stand/sit absolutely still for 60 seconds in front of a really cool painting or scene they stumble on while on your journey --- just looking and discovering!! This, behavior, of course, could actually be painful!

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading. And remember, do not do any of the things on our list!!! 😉

Enjoy your travels!