May 31, 2021

Discovering a New Home in Italy

So, you think you might like to move to Italy? Really? Where will you live in Italy and how will you get along? Will your life in Italy be different from your life in Tennessee?  

Do Italian kids play soccer? 

Will we have to go to school in Italy? 

Can I still get my favorite cereal there? 

How much money will we need? Euros? What are euros?

I want to live in a house of glass. Is this possible?

Yikes! These are very important questions (especially if you are boys around the ages of  11 and 7). Very important questions! So glad you and your parents spent 6-weeks exploring Italy asking lots of questions and investigating all sorts of new things!

Along the way you learned to convert dollars to Euros, to use the Metric system, you read maps for the first time, you prepared several yummy Italian dishes and you learned the importance of town squares. You also fell in love with walled cities and the American artist, Cy Twombly and became obsessed with the importance of water to different parts of the country. In addition you perfected some negotiating strategies, created some interesting survey questions and offered a few town officials some new and interesting ways schools could work better and you gained respect for the lovely Italian hillsides. But perhaps the most interesting thing you observed was how totally invested in a football (soccer) team one Italian hometown could be! 

(Between them the boys interviewed 3 mayors, 2 market owners, 1 chef , 1 city planner and 2 school principals. Thy found and studied maps for 5 villages and one bigger city. They drew  plans for a house on a lovely hillside --- but then, unfortunately, they figured out this site just might be way too precarious for their house!)