February 10, 2021

Early Learning in Museums with Sharon Shaffer

Children’s Concierge is proud to have known, worked with and learned from Dr. Sharon Shaffer for more than 20 years!

We have a collection of her published works and probably a few early works that were never submitted for publication. We frequently turn to these works for inspiration and for guidance in working with parents, teachers, museum professionals and, of course, for guidance in helping young learners curate their own studies as they explore the world with their families.

Our founder has even been mentioned in the newly published International Thinking on Children in Museums edited by Dr. Sharon E. Shaffer. (Sandra Dee Hoffman and Dr. Shaffer worked together at Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center!)

According to Routledge publishing (2021),

“Sharon Shaffer is recognized as a prominent national and international leader in early learning in museums. As an independent consultant, she collaborates with traditional museums, children’s museums, and schools in their efforts to imagine and reimagine meaningful ways to engage children in learning about their world and themselves. She draws on her many years of experience in the field, including her tenure as the Founding Director for the Smithsonian Institution’s model lab school in Washington, DC, where she established a signature program of learning for the Institution. In recognition of her pioneering work, Shaffer received The Secretary’s Gold Medal for Exceptional Service from the Smithsonian – the only educator with this distinction – for creating a national model in museum-based learning for young children. Dr. Shaffer currently teaches for The University of Virginia and publishes regularly.” 

We think you will find Dr. Shaffer’s ideas (and research) about the education of young children exciting, inspiring and hopeful for the very kind of learning experiences you would like your child to have!!


Other works by Dr. Shaffer: