November 4, 2020

10 Questions for our Kids to Ask Their Parents About Going to School Wayyyyy Back in the Old Days

Turn around is definitely fair play!! 

Now because of COVID parents know a whole lot about their children’s education. But, kids know nothing about their parents’ education. We think it would be fun to change this. So, here are 10 questions for kids to ask their parents about the days that they were in school. Share these with your kids and see what happens. We predict it will be most interesting!! I wish we could be a fly -on-the-wall to see the facial expressions of disbelief and hear the squeals of surprise!!

Have fun!

  1. Draw a picture or describe what your elementary (middle or high) school looked like. How did you get there each day?
  2. What did you look like when you were in school? If you have a picture, I definitely want to see it!!  What was your favorite thing to wear to school?
  3. Describe the worst trouble you ever got into at school. No lying permitted! 
  4. Name one kid who sat near you in school. (in any class, if you’re talking about middle or senior high). What was his/her story?
  5. Did you eat the school lunch? What was your favorite thing the cafeteria served? What was the worst thing they served?
  6. What do you remember about being in the first grade?
  7. Thinking about having to re-take what high school class would make you throw up?
  8. Describe one elementary school project you are really proud of?
  9. Did you get to take your cell phone to class? 
  10. Whom from your school (student or teacher) would you most like to see again ---- and why? 

Bonus!: Sing your school song for me.

I hope you get to share some really cool information about yourself with your kids!!