We Create Educational Experiences All Over the World

We’re sort of like resource teachers for your own private world school.  

This means families tell us what destinations they want to explore or what topics they want to explore at a certain destination—maybe it’s looking closely at local architecture (You would be VERY surprised to discover how many columns and fountains there are around the world!) or collecting data on a local animal to learn about its habits or its care. Maybe they are interested in exploring WWII because they have family members who were personally involved.Volcanoes, Roman/Greek gods and comparing all sort of transportation come up frequently and are always fun!—and armed with these topics to be explored, we decide the best way for a family to do the exploring. Then, we go about making it happen—whatever it takes!

We’ve done lots of research and have made some really great connections that allow us to introduce families to local folks in ways that uncover some very interesting information and experiences! Sometimes local professionals are our best experts and sometimes everyday citizens doing everyday, real things are the best—The local optician in Buenos Aires who is an avid astronomer and runs the neighborhood star gazing club might be perfect for working with one of our families. Then again, the curator in an art museum in Venice who is passionate about contemporary sculpture might have just the answers a family is hunting.

We Arrange For Private Guides

Often we arrange for a family to have a private guide to help them explore a destination. We choose guides who especially like to work with families and are willing to give families more than just facts and figures. They must be willing to share their culture or expertise in a hands-on way. They must be willing to use educational materials and help families with assignments and activities as we request. They must have stories to tell and be really good at bringing kids and their parents into these stories. They must be as interested in exploring as they are in guiding!

We Work with A Child's School

We love it when we get to work with a child’s school! We want to make sure the educational experiences we create around the world relate to the lessons a child is studying or would have been studying in the classroom at home. The child's classroom teacher is the very best person to help us do this!! We want a child to be prepared to pick-up-where-she-left-off when she returns to the classroom. Our goal is to embellish a child's current learning with real world experiences. We are more than happy to create and maintain a reporting channel with a child's home school.

We Can Arrange for Tutors

We can arrange for a tutor to travel with a family or to stay stateside and connect with the family via Skype. Sometimes we can arrange for local tutors to join a family at their different destinations which brings a whole new diminsion to things. 

We are more than happy to work with a tutor already in a family's employ.

If a family chooses to use a tutor we work VERY closely with that tutor, regardless of whether we have helped book the tutor or not. We are a team with the tutor, the home school and, of course, with the parents!

The tutor makes sure a child remains up-to-date and makes progress with specific reading, language arts and math skills. We look to the tutor to avise Children's Concierge staff about which of these basic skills should be demonstrated in real world settings. We then create or arrange experiencs to allow for the practicing of current skills or the development of new ones as they might occur in day to day settings. 

We Create Our Own Educational Materials

We love to create our own educational materials related to a family's itinerarey—work assignments, special activities, leading questions, predictions, challenges, puzzles, etc.—that help a family think through the site they are exploring in a different way. We often use our materials to set the stage for investigating a site. We have been known to make something that seems very serious a bit more humorous or to add some meat to things that might seem too fluffy. We like to create materials that point out the art in science or the music in history or the math in literature. Things just change when you look at them differently!

We Are Able to Make Your Travel Arrangements

Yes, we can make all of these arrangements for you. We are not travel agents but we have a cadre of agents with whom we work that we think are wonderful and very sensative to the ins and outs of traveling with children!! We rely on them to book the long distance planes, trains and boats for our families. But we take care of the local cars/drivers, mule trains, camel caravans, bicycles, tut tuts and dugout canoes. Frequently the way our families are transported becomes an intrical part of their learning experiences. And when it comes to lodging, we are very fortunate to work with a number of really great hoteliers who share our love for learning and happen to have properties that offer the opportunity for some unusual exploring. We are delighted to share these properties with our familes, if requested!

Especially for Families Visiting New York City - A Special Scavenger Hunt!

Wow! New York City is a such wonderful city for families to explore! There is just soooo much to see and do here! To help lots of families get more inside the Big Apple we have taken some of the special experiences our client families have enjoyed over the years and put them altogether into a  crazy, silly, challenging scavenger hunt --- Exploring New York City (Uptown, Downtown, and All Around). The intent of the hunt is to help children and their parents pay attention to (REALLY pay attention to) things around them as they explore the city --- Find out which New York neighborhood is filled with terribly mixed-up streets. Discover the best place to be to have a conversation with a gargoyle. Uncover why there is a bull standing right in the middle of a New York City street. Discover what some of the city's most interesting stone sculpture have to tell you. 

Our New York Scavenger Hunt is available for purchase by families who are not using our full service.  Check out the Toolssection of our website for purchasing information.

Especially for Families Visiting Washington, DC --- Family Walks

OK - we do offer some walks for families! But only in DC! And only on a private, reservation-only-basis!  We actually have three (3) walks that we think are lots of fun and really cool:

The White House Un-Tour    Good Night, Mr. Lincoln     In Fala's Footsteps

There are several reasons these walks are special - 1. They are all led by teachers or actors or sometimes, by one-in-the-same! 2. They all use objects to help tell their stories and  3. Everyone along must get involved! Our guides do not simply lecture or spout out information. Rather they create experiences! And everyone becomes a part of the action!  

Check out the Toolssection of the website for a detailed description of each of the walks. To book one of the walks or to speak to us in person about them call us via our toll free number 1-877-888-5462. We LOVE to talk about our darling family walks!

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