We Create Educational Experiences All Over the World

We help families create their own, personal world school.

Our kids and parents tell us what they are curious about and what they want to learn. Maybe it’s —-

  • Looking closely at architecture (You would be VERY surprised to discover how many columns and fountains there are around the world!)

  • Collecting data on a specific animal to learn about its habits or its care

  • Exploring WWII because they have family members who were personally involved

  • Volcanoes —- Roman/Greek gods —- Comparing all sort of transportation come up frequently and are always fun!

Armed with these specific interests, we help devise a plan for exploring and discovering as much about them as possible. Then, we set about to make these experiences actually happen—whatever it takes!


We’ve done lots of research and have made some really great connections that allow us to introduce families to local folks in authentic ways that uncover some very interesting information and experiences! Sometimes local professionals are our best experts and sometimes everyday citizens doing everyday, real things are the best resources —

  • The local optician in Buenos Aires who is an avid astronomer and runs the neighborhood star gazing club was perfect for inspiring and working with one of our families.

  • The curator in an art museum in Venice who is passionate about contemporary sculpture provided just the right personal instruction another family was seeking.

Our families learn globally - together.

We Welcome the Opportunity to Work with A Child's Educational Team

Our goal is to embellish a child's learning with real world experiences and discoveries. We curate these experiences based on a child’s interests, passions and personal projects. We really welcome and greatly appreciate the opportunity to coordinate these experiences with her/his educational team.  

We are always seeking ways to give our exploring students credit for work done in the real world. We love to help them demonstrate new skills, knowledge gained or proud discoveries. This demonstration can take many forms --- a video, a short story, a new design, a presentation, etc. We’re constantly amazed at what our exploring students accomplish!

We Also Create Our Own Educational Materials


It’s great fun to create personalized educational materials related to a family's itinerary—work assignments, special activities, leading questions, predictions, challenges, silly puzzles, etc.—that help a family think through sites they are exploring in a different way. We often use our materials to set the stage for investigating a specific site or as a summary after discoveries have been made. 

We have been known to use our materials to make something that seems very serious a bit more humorous or to add some meat to things that might seem too fluffy.

We like to create materials that lead families to discover the art in science or the music in history or the math in literature.

Things just change when you look at them differently!

We Are Happy to Make Travel Arrangements for Your Exploring

We are not travel agents but we have a cadre of agents with whom we work that we think are wonderful and very sensitive to the ins and outs of traveling with children!! We rely on these agents to book long distance planes, trains and boats and sometimes also basic lodging for our families. However, we also work with many families that prefer to make these arrangements personally. Not a problem.

But we do prefer to take care of the arrangements for exploring at the destinations our families explore. How you get around whether it’s via a car and driver, mule train, camel caravan, bicycle, tut tut or dugout canoe is frequently an important part of your learning experiences.

And sometimes where you stay can be an important part of your immersive experience as well. So we might also have thoughts and suggestions about in which castle, tented camp, tree house, igloo, yurt or ryokan you choose to stay.

We Almost Always Arrange For Private Guides to Accompany Our Families

We think of your guide as your organizer, compassionate nudge and chief tutor at each destination you explore. We choose guides who especially like to work with families and are willing to give them more than just facts and figures. Our guides must be willing to share their culture or expertise in a hands-on way. They must be willing to help our families gather data and seek answers. They must have stories to tell and be really good at bringing kids and their parents into these stories. They must be as interested in exploring as they are in guiding!