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Thank you very much for your interest in our services!  

I’m Sandra Dee Hoffman. 

 I’m the Director of Children’s  Concierge. 

I’m an educator, a school psychologist, a mother, a grandmother, (a famous ballet dancer in my dreams), an avid traveler and I am absolutely passionate about young learners learning and expanding their lives in the real world. And for us here at Children’s Concierge, the real world is the Whole World – anywhere and everywhere that matches a learner’s (and his/her family’s) interests and passions. 

Our fee for creating a family’s travels and educational experiences is $175 per hour with a four-hour minimum.

Let me share with you what our fee includes ---

Children’s Concierge Fees

Every Children’s Concierge family is unique, each with its own individual needs, interests and goals for exploring and learning. We respect this! In fact, individual differences are what we’re all about! So we do not have a set package or packages, instead we listen carefully to your vision and requests for services and then we customize what we provide and determine the accompanying fee to meet your specific needs/requests.

Our fee includes performing tasks such as the following (as needed): 

  • Understanding your child’s special interests to be addressed or special project to be completed by exploring the destination(s) you chose.

  • Discussing where you would like to explore based on the interests and the goals set for your family’s exploring.

  • Meeting with your child’s current teacher/tutor to make sure your adventures provide opportunities to complete any tasks assigned or skills to be practiced.

  • Working with your child and you to delineate the specific goals for your time exploring with us. 

  • Getting a picture of how your family explores best together.

  • Determining how your child will demonstrate he/she has reached or is making progress toward reaching goals that have been set for your travels.

  • Working with staff on-site at your destination(s) to determine how to best meet your child’s goals in that setting --- what to explore and how to explore it. What will it take?

  • Creating an itinerary for your family’s time at each destination to be visited and explored.

With all of this in place, we set about to --- 

  • Arrange for and help prepare the guides, teachers and experts whom we need to book to make your itinerary come alive at each destination.

  • Arrange for the transportation needed to help you explore your destination(s).

  • Arrange for your lodging within each destination.

  • Arrange for or curate workshops, classes, special meetings with experts, internships, volunteering, research, etc., that will make a destination responsive to the needs and goals you have for your exploring. 

  • Gather all the tools and resources needed to facilitate your exploring/learning.

As your exploring swings into action we --- 

  • Monitor what’s happening as your family’s exploring goes along, ready to make additions and changes as needed. 

  • Create any additional materials needed to accommodate and facilitate your child’s learning --- i.e. a list of suggested questions to ask and answer at a particular site, the announcement of a surprise task for the day or even a resource list to become more informed about a special item or place of interest. 

  • Facilitate connection with a student’s home school to allow for student-school communication. 

  • Help a student prepare his/her personal assessment report.

Not every family wants or needs all of these services. We will work with you as much or as little as you request.

Extraordinary & Extended Trips

Obviously, exploring that requires detailed planning and arranging is more costly than exploring that is more straightforward. When exploring extends across several months or perhaps into a year, we prefer to agree on a fee for the full term of exploring rather than to work on an hourly basis.

Fees for On-site Services

The cost of services that are provided on-site at any given destination on a family’s itinerary are not included in our Children’s Concierge fees. Charges might include ---- a private guide, a private driver, fee for a needed expert, participation in a workshop or class, entrance to museums and galleries, tickets to plays and concerts, your hotel or other lodging etc. These services are provided at the rate offered in the destination(s) you are exploring. Families are billed for these services separately from our Children’s Concierge fees. 

It’s too expensive not to explore the world!

*We do not accept commissions from the vendors and experts with whom we work around the the world. We want to be completely free to focus on and arrange what is best for our families. When we work with a family we consider ourselves to be in your employ and we act as your representative for the duration of the trip we're working on together.