Here are a few materials (both educational and fun!) that we’ve created over the years working with our client families. We’ve now bundled them together so other families might be able to enjoy them. We hope there is something here that might be of interest to you:

City Scavenger Hunts

 We love scavenger hunts! And we have created many of them over the years. But, we have to warn you that our scavenger hunts are like none others. They will challenge the senses! You will have to be on your toes, observe everything around you, attend to the slightest noise you hear, add and subtract and bend and stretch!! And then, be ready to put everything together with a minutes notice! Many things are not as they seem!

New York City Scavenger Hunt  --- $25 (paperback) plus shipping and handling

This scavenger hunt challenges your powers and skills in most of The Big Apple's famous neighborhoods --- East Side, West Side, all around the town. You'll almost be a native when you finish! And you'll be VERY proud of yourself!

Washington, DC Museum Scavenger Hunt --- $20 emailed

If you want to get a glimpse of DC's wonderful museums, come try your hand at this scavenger hunt.  You don't have to stay long, but you will set foot in most of the famous museums and gardens along the National Mall.  (This includes the Smithsonian Museums located there.) We want to introduce them all to you; each has it's own special personality even the ones that sound weird. You will be very surprised!

Washington, DC Monuments and Memorials Scavenger Hunt --- $20 emailed

Now, if it's DC's incredible and awe-inspiring monuments and memorials that interest you (We LOVE them too!), choose this scavenger hunt. With it as your guide you can scurry to each of the monuments and memorials or you might prefer to stroll leisurely from one to the other. Regardless, you will get a close up, very different view of them after solving the challenges we have for you.   

Family Walks - Washington, DC--- $250 per tour, offered privately by reservation only.

Good Night, Mr. Lincoln

Takes place at the Lincoln Memorial

Come say Good night to President Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States and find out what life was like when he was a young boy. There are tongue twisters to learn, riddles to solve and games to play from Abe’s boyhood days. Along the way you will learn about “Abe” as a child and about the President he became. You will hear about things that influenced the young Abe and ponder some of the same issues he did. This walk is a delightful kids-eye-view of Abraham Lincoln and an up-close look at his famous memorial. We promise, the excitement will last long after the President is tucked in for the night. 

 Come find out ---

           If Abe used a computer.

           What a chimbly and skeeters are.

           How Abe really pronounced his name.

Come clad in your pajamas, if you’d like.

In Fala's Footsteps

Takes place at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt  Memorial

Come stroll with us through the beautiful and very unusual memorial honoring Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), the 32nd President of the United State. As you walk we'll introduce you to Fala, the dog, and hear what he has to say about the President who was his former master and close companion.

We are very fortunate becasue Fala, himself (He was FDR’s most favorite dog!) has given us a suitcase of his memorabilia of FDR. So during the walk we are able to share these items with you. The items tell all about President Roosevelt and his wife, Eleanor, from childhood to their adulthood and how their experiences during their early years prepared them for their roles as President and First Lady. The memorabilia also give a look at life during WWII and the Great Depression from the standpoint of what it was like to be a child during that era. And, of course, on the walk we explore the memorial to President Roosevelt, think a bit about why we create memorials at all and discuss the different forms they might take.

We would love to have you stroll with us!

The White House Un-Tour

Takes place at the North Front of the White House

               Wait a minute!  Is this a walk or a tour?

Well, it’s hard to decide. You do a lot of walking. But it's so hands-on that it’s more like a walkingexperience and youexplore more than you tour. Regardless, by the end of the Un-Tour you’ll know more about The White House than if you lived there ----- ok, more than if you had taken the public tour there at least.  So you tell us what we should call it.

Everyone who comes along on the walk actually becomes one of the US Presidents who lived in the White House and made changes there. Maybe you (as president) were responsible for adding one of the famous wings to the house. Or, maybe you had the first telephones installed.  Oh!  YOU probably kept the sheep grazing on the lawn next door! We should have expected as much!

Sheep on the “first lawn?”  A pony in the elevator?  An alligator in the house? What?

Why does the White House have all those rooms with color names?  What’s actually in those rooms anyway?

Well, you’ll just have to come walk with us and experience it all for yourself! 

(FYI - we are not allowed to enter the White House or the grounds of the White House on our walk. But we do get as close to them as we are allowed. And we bring a lot of inside things outside!)

Before and Afters

Sometimes after exploring a particularly interesting site, our families are still sooooo enthusiastic that they don't want to leave the site or they want to keep exploring the topic at hand. They just want to know more! So, we created Before and Afters to help give them more! Our Before and Afters present all sorts of suggestions for keeping a topic alive. They present experiences to have at related sites around the world. They suggest research you might conduct on your own that will add to the information just learned. They suggest things to create that will give you more insight into the site/topic of interest. Many of the suggestions in our Before and Afters have come from other families. We love to share thoughts and ideas from our very creative families!

We hope you find our Before and Afters thought provoking. And we hope they keep you exploring!!

Before and After - Lincoln Memorial $12.00 emailed

Before and After - White House $12.00 emailed

Before and After - Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial (FDR) $12.00 emailed