Explore the World

Here are a few destinations we've helped our families explore.


Our Fees


We charge a fee of $150 per hour with a three-hour minumum for creating and arranging and adding all sorts of educational experiences to your travels.

We will work with you as much or as little as you request. But we will always begin by asking lots and lots of questions. And we strongly encourage all of our families to ask us lots of questions as well!

We do not accept commissions from the vendors and experts with whom we work around the the world. We want to be completley free to focus on and arrange what is best for our families. When we work with a family we consider ourselves to be in your employ and we act as your representative for the duration of the trip we're working on together. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us (via email or the old fashion telephone). We would be delighted to discuss your plans and address any questions you might have.


Sandra Dee Hoffman

President, Children's Concierge

877-888-5462 (toll free)

301-315-0987 (fax)



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